Results were in line with expectations.  Got about a 30% fat reduction in the areas we did after a few weeks based on the pictures.  Clothes fit a bit better.  Takes a couple of hours but got some work done on computer.  Considering another session with the second round discount.


Did one treatment session.  Just OK results.  Not as big a difference as with real plastic surgery I guess but also not as expensive.  Maybe a 25% improvement in abdomen and muffin top.


It took a few months to see results but I’m pleased.  I got the multi-session package on Joe’s recommendation and I think it was a good call.  3 sessions on abdomen and 2 on sides.  Good results and I feel better in my clothes. 


Should have started sooner  than I did.  Started seeing  great results after the special occasions that I originally bought the sessions for….:(  But still glad I did it.  The husband says he sees a big difference


I’m a 44 year old male.  Im in good shape and eat well but couldn’t get my stomach and love handles to go away.   Got excellent results with 6 treatments.  This did the trick.